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G654 Black Granite Tiles Slabs


Material:Granite Tiles   Origin:China FuJian   Time:10/12/2020

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10mm12mm15mm18mm20mm30mm40mm50mm etc.




Product Description

G654 Tiles

G654 Slabs

G654 Floor

G654 Wall

G654 Cube Stone

G654 Paving Stone

G654 Countertop

G654 Step Stone

G654 is the national standard stone classification number of sesame black and sesame ash granite. It is native to Changtai, Zhangpu and Longhai in Fujian Province. Its annual domestic sales and export volume are very amazing.
The G654 granite countertops are clear and natural. Granite has a wide range of shades, colors and textures to choose from. The color of G654 granite is particularly beautiful after polishing, which shows the luxury and elegance. If you use it to make a variety of special-shaped products to decorate the home, I believe it will bring you a good enjoyment!
The G654 granite countertops are durable. Its dry compressive strength is 183.2 MPA, which is one of the higher hardness stones and has good wear resistance. Unlike other materials, it will not be burnt by hot tableware. Sealed regularly and regularly, granite resists stains and fading. Properly sealed granite countertops help to maintain the beautiful shiny luster of granite countertops.
G654 granite is one of the most famous granite species in the world. It can be used as various buildings and gardens such as plates, floor tiles, countertops, sculptures, engineering exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, floors, square engineering panels, environmental decorative roadside stones, etc. Stone material.
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Tile Sizes:
12"*12"(305*305 or 300*300), 24"*12"(610*305 or 600*300), 24"*24"
(610*610 or 600*600), 18"*18"(457*457), 400*400, 800*800 or Customize Sizes.

Slab Sizes:
1000(up)*600,1200(up)*600,1800(up)*600,2400(up)*1200(up), 800(up)*1200(up) or Customize Sizes.

Kerb Stone:
990*300*100, 750*300*100, 600*150*120, 500*300*100, 500*250*120 or Customize Sizes.

Cube Stone:
100*100*100, 100*100*50, 100*100*Length or Customize sizes.

10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm etc.

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Polished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Bush-Hammered, Split, Chiseled, Swan, Natural etc.

Floor, Wall, Counter Top, Vanity Top, Kitchen Top, Basin, Fireplace, Tombstone, Column , Mosaic, Pattern, Table Top, Kerstone, Cube Stone, Paving Stone etc.

Export Standard Wooden Cases or Pallets.

Delivery Time:
20~45 Days,According to Order Quantity.

Quality Standard:
Thickness Tolerance(Length, Width, Thickness): +/-1mm. (Sheet Thickness Tolerance: +0/-0.5mm)

Polished Degree: 
Above 85 Degree.
No Variation,No Crack,No Mark
G654 Case:

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